Apply for Seat on the Board Of Directors

The deadline to submit an Application is December 31. Anyone who chooses to rum from the floor, must have their credentials and application submitted to the Nominating Chair by 1 PM, March 9, 2018. That is 24 hours before the start of the meeting as per State Association Bylaws. This deadline will be strictly enforced.

The new Board as proposed by the Transition Committee will be comprised of 25 (twenty-five) board members, 20 will represent the adult membership and 5 will represent the youth membership on this board. The committee has also recommended the following eligibility requirements to be able to serve on the Board.

  • Must be a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania State USBC at the time of election and throughout their term.
  • Must successfully complete registration in the Registered Volunteer Program
  • A local Association can have no more than two of its members serving on the Board of Directors

All delegates to the meeting are eligible to vote for all candidates.

For information on the Registered Volunteer Program, please visit: BOWL.COM/RVP

How to Apply

Please complete the following application form and send to the person and address listed on the form. The nominating committee is composed of three additional people that are not part of the transition team. The Nominating Committee will then develop the slate to be presented at the organizational meeting.

Board Application (PDF)          Board Application (Word)     Board Application (Fill In - PDF)