Delegate Registration

Each Association within the State of Pennsylvania is eligible to register delegates for the organizational meeting of the New State Association. The Transition Committee has set the following rules to be applied to determine the number of delegates each Association can send. Please note: Current Board members of the current State Associations must be registered as a local delegate to have the right to vote. Since there is no sitting board for the new organization, only local association delegates will have the right to vote.

Membership Adult Delegates Youth Delegates
1 to 1000 2 2
1001 to 2000 3 3
2001 and above 4 4

Note: Adult delegate number based on adult membership only, youth delegate number based on youth membership only.


  1. Non merged WBA with 750 members - 2 delegates
  2. Non merged BA with 1300 members - 3 delegates
  3. Merged with 2500 adult members and 250 youth members - 4 adult delegates, and 2 youth delegates
  4. Youth Association with 450 members - 2 delegates

How to Register your Delegates

Registration Form(PDF)          Registration Form(PDF-Fill In)

Register your delegates using the Online Form

The deadline to register delegates for the annual meeting will be January 24, 2018.