Pennsylvania State USBC

Apply for the Board of Directors

At the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Association, delegates will be voting on director positions for the Board of Directors. In 2020 there are Seven (7) Adult Directors and Two (2) Youth Director positions  to be elected. Below are the eligibility requirements and application to apply for a position on the Board.

Application Form

PDF Form (Blank)          PDF Form (Fillable)

To be considered for the slate your application must be submitted by April 15, otherwise you must be nominated from the floor as explained below.



Nominations from the floor will only be accepted if the Board of Directors Application has been submitted in writing to the Nominating Chair at least 24 hours prior to the opening of the annual meeting. Please reference Section C, Election of Directors, on page 4 of the Bylaws. Complete Bylaws.


Section B. Eligibility

A candidate for the Board (elected or appointed) must be:

 .       Adult. A USBC member in good standing at the time of election and throughout their term.

           Youth. USBC Youth members bowling in USBC Leagues within the association’s jurisdiction

      Elected or appointed without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and national origin, age, other than the minimum age of 14, unless state laws mandate a specific age, and be reasonably representative of the members.

       Any member of the Board authorized to sign contracts or acting as a signatory on association accounts must be a minimum age of 18.

       At least 20% of the Board must be Youth Directors.

       A maximum of three bowling center proprietors may serve on the Board at one time. A proprietor is an individual who is the owner, partner, or corporate officer of a bowling center or group of bowling centers. Excluded from the definition of proprietor is an individual who owns 25% or less of the equity shares, or who is inactive in the management of the bowling center and remains so during a term as an Officer or Director.

 Additional eligibility requirements, if any, are to be approved by the Board and Delegates*.

     Must be a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania State USBC at the time of election and throughout their term.

      Must successfully complete registration in the Registered Volunteer Program

       A local Association can have no more than two of its members serving on the Board of Directors.

Complete Bylaws


1                Eligibility requirements for the board

      1.1          Member in Good Standing

           1.1.1         Must be a USBC member and also a member of a local Association served by the PA State Association.

      1.2          Registered Volunteer Program

          1.2.1         At the start of their term all PA State Board of Directors must be an approved Registered Volunteer

               A.      Those that are under the age of 18 cannot be screened by the Registered Volunteer program and therefor are exempt.

          1.2.2         All current PA State USBC Board Members will have their Registered Volunteer Screening renewal paid for by the State Association, this will be accomplished by reimbursement.

     1.3          Determination of Member’s Local Association

          1.3.1         The local association will be determined by the Association Name of where the USBC portion of dues was paid unless:

               A.      If the applicant purchased USBC membership through another state, then the Pennsylvania Local Association where their first local dues were paid will determine their home Association.