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2019-2020 Changes

The Youth Committee met in August and discussed the results of a survey that was taken of the 2019 Pepsi/HDPC State Finalists. A total of 207 responses were received out of the possible 480 that were asked to respond.

One of the questions regarded the dress code and whether or not to allow the wearing of skorts/shorts during the tournament. Sixty per-cent (60%) were in favor of such a change. The committee had been discussing this over the last couple of years, but now the survey data showed us that more than half wanted to see the change, so we responded to that request by making a change in the dress code to allow for it. See the full dress code here.

One other change was made to the Pepsi/HDCP State Finals weekend regarding lane assignments and rotating lanes. The survey answer to the question was just over 50%, but when only looking at the bowlers answers it was over 80% in favor of changing lanes after every game. So, at the 2020 Pepsi/HDCP State Finals, bowlers will bowl all three games on a different pair of lanes. The decision was made to keep that within a three pair block so that parents would not have to relocate throughout the center during the tournament. The final decision is a compromise of the two groups answering the question, parents and bowlers.

Another hot topic discussion has been the lane dressing pattern. The survey asked for five levels of difficulty, ranging from very easy to very difficult. Ninety per-cent (90%) were in the middle of the road or difficult range, but leaning more toward the middle. The committee interpreted this result to mean that we should continue to stay in the challenge pattern range, but more toward the house shot end than the sport shot. The committee also feels that the pattern should not be made public.

The survey also gave us some other data such as confirming that the entry fee is appropriate, and that no change is required in the scholarship and medals that are awarded in the event. Of interesting value was the result about paying a fee to bowl in the state finals. Six answers were possible from $0 to $25 in $5 increments. Fifty-five (55%) per-cent stated that would be willing to pay something, and surprisingly seventeen per-cent (17%) were at the $25 figure, but it was really close across the board in each range. Nothing has been decided at this time about charging fees has been made, but as we look at future budgets for the tournaments, this data will come into play. The State Finals has been a no-entry fee required event since the inception, but the discussion about raising entry fees for all versus just having a state finals fee to offset the state finals costs is being held and considered for the future.

The Youth Committee