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Annual Meeting - July 12-14

Delegate Registration/Hotel Reservations/Dinner Reservations

The Annual Meeting of the Association is just a few months away and we have started our planning for the weekend.

Attendees can now book their rooms online through a direct link to the hotel website, which will guarantee the group rate.

Associations, it's also time to start registering your delegates and alternates for the meeting. This years forms to do so are now available.

You can make reservations for the Awards Luncheon and HOF/Awards Dinner online, Reservations.

Annual Meeting

PA Youth Scholarship Awards

D. Swartz Sportsmanship & Star of Tomorrow

The PA State USBC is proud to announce the receipients of Youth Scholarships for the 23-24 season. The Don Swartz Sportsmanship Award will be presented to six youth bowlers, three girls and three boys. Eash will receieve a $500 scholarship.

Grades 9-12: Female -Taylor Miller      Male - Josiah Casler
Grades 5-8:  Female Izzabella Dixon     
Male - Clayton Tyndall
Grades 4-8:  Female - Madelyn Frey     Male - Owen Brinkman

The Star of Tomorrow Award is a $4,000 scholarship, awarded in two $2,000 increments. This year two very deserving individuals were slected as the receipients. To read about the young bowlers, click on their name.

Female SOT - Melia Mitskavich
Male SOT - Josiah Casler

Tournament Information

The latest on our tournaments

Senior Tournament

57th - Oct-Nov 2024

The 57th Senior Tournament will be hosted by Lancaster USBC starting on October 5, 2024. Entry forms and online reservations are now available.

Senior Open Tournament

Open Championships

84th - Apr-Jun 2024

The 84th tournament has concluded. Final standings and prize lists are now availaible, see the link below. Advance reservatoin form for the 85th tournament is also available on the Open Championships page.

Open Championships

Final Standings and Prize List

Women's Championships

85th - Apr-May 2024

The 85th tournament has concluded. Final standings and prize lists are now posted on the web site. Reserve your spot for the 86th, download the advance reservation form on the Women's Championships page.

Women's Championships

Final Standings & Prize List

Youth Open

20th - April 2024

The 20th tournament in Allentown has concluded. You can now view the final results by clicking the link below. 

Youth Open

Final Standings

Pepsi/HDCP Singles

State Finals - May 2024

View updated current standings of the State Finals from Trindle Bowl, using the link below.

Pepsi & HDCP Singles Info



Open Championships

Final Results

2022 Open Championships, click here!
2023 Open Championships, click here!


Youth Open

Final Results

2022 Youth Open, click here!
2023 Youth Open, click here!

Mixed Tournament

Final Results

2022 Mixed Tournament, click here!
2023 Mixed Tournamen, click here!

Women's Championships

Final Results

2022 Women's Championships, click here!
2023 Women's Championships, click here!

Pepsi/HDCP Singles

Final Results

2022 Pepsi/HDCP, click here!
2023 Pepsi/HDCP, click here!

Seniors Tournament

 Final Results

2022 Senior Tournament, click here!
2023 Senior Tournament,  click here!

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