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2019 Seniors Tournament

Now Accepting Entries

The 53rd Seniors Tournament is set to kickoff on October 12th, 2019 in Bloomsburg, hosted by the Dansville-Bloomsburg-Berwick-Milton USBC. The tournament will run through November 17th, 2019.

You can enter online using our online entry form or you can download the entry form and enter by mailing in the form. You can also ay for entries using our online store, but this requires you to still mail in the form (please attach receipt). Be sure to check the squad availability before entering.

Lodging information is also available.

BVL Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

Fund Raiser for our Veterans

We have created a Mail-O-Graphic Tournament to raise funds for the BVL, Bowlers to Veterans Link. This organization, founded in 1945 has donated millions to provide services and programs to our veterans and active service men alike.

This tournament will use your league scores from the night you select when you enter. There is a two week window in November from which to choose. There are three average division for both men and women and there will be cash prizes awarded in each division. $4.50 from entry will go directly to the BVL, $4.50 for prizes, $1.00 for expenses. Enter today and join the fun for a worthy cause.


Mixed Tournament

Final Results

The Mixed Tournament tournament recently concluded in Lancaster.

The official final results are now available along with the prize list for each event.

Congratulations to our Champions and many thanks to all who participated.

Open Championships

Leading Scores

The Open Championships recently concluded in Erie on June 16. The leading scores for the event can be found by using the link below.

2019 tournament appeal update.  As of 8/7/2019 we have two appeals that have been filed for the 2019 Open Championship Tournament.  We are hoping for a resolution to both appeals in the next two weeks, after both appeals have been resolved we will print and mail the prize checks as soon as possible.  We sincerely apologize for the delay, but it is very important to make sure our prize list is correct and all appeals have been resolved before we send out the checks. The details of these appeals cannot be shared to protect the privacy of those involved


Women's Seniors

Leading Scores

The results and prize lists are being reviewed and will be posted as soon as they become available. We appreciate your patience but please stay tuned for the results to be posted at a later date..

Current unofficial standings, final stands to follow..

Tournament results

2018-2019 Season

Find the Results of our Tournaments by using the information below!

80th Open Championships

Results Coming Soon

See the 2019 Open Championships Final results, click here!

Youth Open

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Youth Open Final results, click here!


Pepsi Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships Final results, click here!

Mixed Tournament

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Mixed Tournament Final results and prize list, click here!

Women's Championships

Results Coming Soon

See the 2019 Women's Championships Final results,  click here!

Scholarship Singles

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 HDCP Scholarship Singles Final results, click here!

Seniors Tournament

2018 Final Results

The 52nd Annual Pennsylvania State USBC Seniors Tournament Final Prize Lists, click here!

Women's Seniors

2019 Final Results

Final results are still pending, will be available soon, click here!

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