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Hall of Fame Changes

New Women's Bowling Ability Category

The Board of Directors has approved a change to the Hall of Fame categories, effective immediately. The Bowling Ability Category has now been split into Women's Bowling Ability and Men's Bowling Ability. A third category remains for meritorious service that is not based on gender. A maximum of two bowlers can be inducted into each category per year.

The eligibility criteria remains the same at this time. The application, and eligibility criteria can be found using the following link.

Youth Tournaments Information

Pepsi - HDCP Singles - Youth Open

All three Association Youth Tournaments entry forms and information are available on the site, just follow the links below. Last year these tournaments awarded over 100,000 in scholarships and awards.

Pepsi Qualifying has already started, with the second window beginning in January. The HDCP Singles and Youth Open can start accepting entries once Jan 1 averages are established for the youth bowlers.

2019 Seniors Tournament

Final Results now Available

Final results  are now available for the 53rd Seniors Tournament, just follow the link below. (Updated 12/2/19).

The 53rd Seniors Tournament ran from October 12th, 2019 till November 17th, 2019  in Bloomsburg, hosted by the Dansville-Bloomsburg-Berwick-Milton USBC. The 2020 Tournament will be hosted by Lycoming County USBC.


BVL Mail-O-Graphic Tournament

Fund Raiser for our Veterans - Results

We have created a Mail-O-Graphic Tournament to raise funds for the BVL, Bowlers to Veterans Link. This organization, founded in 1945 has donated millions to provide services and programs to our veterans and active service men alike.

The tournament received only 156 entries, but it's a beginning and hopefully will grow in the future as we increase awareness.

Below is a link to the standings as they stand now based on scores reported as of Dec 2. Final results will be announced by Dec 13. .

Tournament results

2018-2019 Season

Find the Results of our Tournaments by using the information below!

80th Open Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Open Championships Final results, click here!

Youth Open

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Youth Open Final results, click here!


Pepsi Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships Final results, click here!

Mixed Tournament

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Mixed Tournament Final results and prize list, click here!

Women's Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Women's Championships Final results,  click here!

Scholarship Singles

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 HDCP Scholarship Singles Final results, click here!

Seniors Tournament

2018 Final Results

The 52nd Annual Pennsylvania State USBC Seniors Tournament Final Prize Lists, click here!

Women's Seniors

2019 Final Results

Final results are still pending, will be available soon, click here!

Tournament Future Locations

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