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2021 Annual Meeting Info and

Delegate Registration

The Board of Directors has elected at this time to conduct the Annual Meeting as a virtual event, there will be no in person meeting again this year. We do not have specifics at this time as to what platform, time frame, nor election process that will be used. We have a committee that is researching and developing those plans and sharing the information with the full board. Once we have specific plans in place, the information will be shared.

In the meantime, now is the time to register your Association Delegates for the meeting, for the forms and information, please visit: Annual Meeting

Women's Tournament Director

Now Seeking Applications

The State's Women's Championship Tournament Director has announced her retirement to commence at the end of the 2022 Tournament. The Board is now seeking interested and qualified individuals to apply for the position. The person selected will receive one year of training during the 2021-2022 season, then assume full responsibility under the direction of the Association Manager and Board. For a complete position summary, job description, work schedule, salary and where to apply, click here.

Tournament Information

Latest Updates & News

Senior Open Tournament

54th - Oct-Nov 2021

Advance reservations forms are now available to reserve spots in the 54th Senior Open.

Senior Open Tournament

Open Championships

81st - Apr-Jun 2021

The 81st tournament has concluded, unofficial leading scores are posted. Final standings and Prize Lists will be posted at a later date. Advance reservation form is available for the 82nd Tournament: Open Championships

Final Unofficial Leading Scores

Women's Championships

82nd - Apr-May 2021

The 82nd tournament has concluded, proposed prize lists are now posted for review until the 16th of June. Prize checks and final prize list will posted on June 17th. For Information on the championship, click here: Women's Championships

2021 Results

Youth Open

Final Results

Final results are now posted. Scholarships will be submitted to SMART in the next couple of weeks. Complete information on the tournament can be found here: Youth Open

For Final Results: Click here

Pepsi/HDCP Singles

State Finals Results

For information on the tournament:  Click Here.

For District Tournament Results: Click Here

State Finals Final Standings: Click Here

Mixed Tournament

29th - Jun-Jul 2021

The 29th Mixed Tournament Entry Form and Online Entry are now available: Mixed Tournament

You can now enter via the online application: Enter Online

Leading Scores

Tournament results

Prior Season

Open Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Open Championships Final results, click here!

Youth Open

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Youth Open Final results, click here!


Mixed Tournament

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Mixed Tournament Final results and prize list, click here!

Women's Championships

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Women's Championships Final results,  click here!

Pepsi/HDCP Singles

2019 Final Results

See the 2019 Pepsi/HDCP Scholarship Singles Final results, click here!

Seniors Tournament

 2019 Final Results

2019 - 53rd Srs Tournament, click here!
2019 - 36th Women's Srs Tournament  , click here!

Future Tournament Locations

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Tournaments Offered


Board Members


Adult Bowlers


Youth Bowlers

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