Pennsylvania State USBC

Don Swartz Sportsmanship Award

Now a $1000 Scholarship award starting in 2025 presented to four youth bowlers, one girl and boy in grades K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. This award is based on sportsmanship, commitment and leadership. The application should be filed by a league supervisor. 

About the Award

The areas we evaluate are as follows:

  •           Bowling Etiquette

  •           Follows Rules

  •           Sets good example/helps others

  •           Participates in Tournaments

  •           Sportsmanship

  •           Commitment

  •           Leadership


Eligibility Requirements:

Must be a USBC Youth Member in Good Standing

Must bowl in a certified competition within the jurisdiction of the PA State USBC Youth Association.

The award application and enclose supporting documents at the same time between the dates of Feb 1st and April 15th. 

Each recipient is only eligible to receive this award once.

The award winner(s) will be recognized at our annual meeting in July.