Pennsylvania State USBC

Star of Tomorrow Award

A $4,000 scholarship award presented to one female and one male youth bowler who display academic achievement, extra curricular activities, community service and volunteerism as well as bowling ability.

About the Award

The areas we evaluate are as follows:

  •           Academic Achievement

  •           Bowling Achievements

  •           Leadership Roles (Bowling/School/Community)

  •           Non Sports Activities and Accomplishments

  •           Sports Participation

  •           Volunteer and Community Service

  •           Written Essay


Eligibility Requirements:

Must be a USBC Youth Member in Good Standing

Must bowl in a certified competition within the jurisdiction of the PA State USBC Youth Association.

Must be attending High School or Higher Education

Must have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average in school, copy of report card or transcript for proof.

Complete the award application and enclose supporting documents at the same time between the dates of Feb 1st and April 15th. 

Each recipient is only eligible to receive this award once.

The award winner(s) will be recognized at our annual meeting in July.


The Scholarship Award

Will be presented to one Girl and one Boy each year.

Each recipient will receive a symbolic award.

Total scholarship to be awarded is $4,000 issued as follows:

$2,000 upon selection as a recipient.
$2,000 after completing one year of post-secondary education and by written request for the remaining $2,000

The recipient can request the 2nd $2,000 up to eight years after graduating high school, at which time the 2nd $2,000 of the award would be forfeited.

The scholarship is managed and made accessible through the SMART program (Scholarship Management and Account Reporting for Tenpins). The policies of SMART govern the use of each scholarship.


How to request 2nd Installment of the Scholarship

After you have completed one year of your secondary education, please write/email one of the following individuals to have the 2nd installment of $2,000 added to your SMART account for your use.

Jay E Daryman
Youth Committee Chair
809 Nightlight Dr
York PA 17402-8809
Sue Kresge
Association Manager
234 White Church Rd
Saylorsburg, PA 18353